DESTINY  is a graduate of the Performing Arts School- Dansforum Gothenburg (1997-00). She has also studied at The University of Dance and Circus Stockholm(2000-01), Dance Space in New York and School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Destiny has worked with choreographers Dorte Olesen(Cabaret The Royal Dramatic Theatre 2001-02), Christina Tingskog( ID handlingar), Lotta Gahrton( part of the dance ensemble at Gottsunda Dance & Theatre 2010-14), Sacha Soreff, Isabel Gotzkowsky, Nicholas Leichter, Carl Olof Berg and Camilla Ekelöf among others.

As a choreographer she has worked all over the world making dance art for audiences that can appreciate lots of movements and dance. Where do movement come from? What happens when people meet?

Destiny has been teaching since 1996 and has project managed many projects for young people like the hiphop project UNITY- Gävleborg, the summer project Danssommarjobbet in Söderhamn and Örebro, the dance company UNGA and DansLAB where young dancers met professional dancers and made performances. Destiny has also worked a lot with community dance and is currently building a dancespace in Gävleborg where artists from all over the world are welcome to come- to perform and work.